shmeder - 2004-05-10 06:00:37
It seems as if all of my regular reads are in a funk lately for some reason or another. One of these days you might wake up and know exactly what to do about John. I hope all goes well for you the next few days.
chanelle - 2004-05-10 10:57:19
i like 'rock your body' too.
rock-a-betty - 2004-05-10 14:13:36
Good luck with your fella. In general I think that all men suck and are a waste of time, but there are, of course, a few exceptions. He needs to get a clue, when your working, though. I had a similar boyfriend that used to get pissed off when he came to eat at the resturaunt that I worked at and I couldn't sit down and eat with him - because I WAS HIS SERVER. And had other tables too. Go figure.
nikki - 2004-05-10 18:40:43
i OWN the justin timberlake cd... yes, i said it... so?!? as far as john is concerned... i think (and this is soley based on what i've read so take it as that) that you should break up with him if you're having so many more negative thoughts, feelings, and words about him... a relationship is only as good as it's parts and if both parts aren't on the same page and putting in the same effort then it's not going to be good and it's certainly not going to work. it doesn't seem to me that he gives you what you need... ie: attention, support, comfort, and validation... i dunno... it's always hard to be the one breaking up the relationship... good luck with what you choose and you know you've got my number so the offer is ALWAYS there to hang out and talk if you need to. really... i'm that cool! :P i'm serious tho'... we should get together and have dinner or lunch or the zoo or something...



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