nikki - 2004-07-07 09:27:26
i think they're called flippers. i don't want to butt my head in where it doesn't belong but if this relationship is sucking the life out of you more than it's giving you something tangible then maybe you need to end it. i know that sucks and i know there are deeper issues than what you talk about in here but you often seem unhappy when you talk about john. in fact, i've only read one thing in here where you say something about him that isn't unhappy... you're a good person nicki and you deserve someone who will treat you properly. if john isn't doing it and yet you still want to make it work might i suggest some sort of couples councelling? i dunno... ignore me... since this thing is only a small sliver of your life i can't really judge your relationship... in the end you have to do what will ultimately make YOU happy and if that's to be with john then by all means i will be happy for you and supportive. take care of you... and know... you are valuable and important and deserve to be treated with respect and love.
onewetleg - 2004-07-07 10:00:47
yeah, they are called flippers. i'm glad you finally get it. cute, huh? love,
abittergirl - 2004-07-07 14:02:04
funny, I was going to say that they're called flippers, but apparently everyone beat me to it! Regarding the love life; having learned the hard way, I really have to say that if the relationship is more work than pleasure and if you feel you give more than you get back, it might be time to move on. Think about whether you're holding on to what you have currently, what you wish you had, or what you used to have. If it's the last 2 (and it often is), you know it's time. It is possible to love someone and not like them.



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