nikki - 2004-08-28 09:05:41
nicki, i know it's hard but you have to do what's best for you. you are NOT an asshole for wanting different things than he wants. it seems to me, he's clinging to you since he's now clean. does he have other things going on in his life now or was it just the drugs and the drug friends? now that stuff is all gone and he's clinging to you and (to be perfectly honest) that's not fair to you if it's not something that you want. you're not being mean but you do need to make a clean break if that's what you want. you need to break up with him with no qualms about what you're doing... not taking space... not taking time... simply breaking up. if you feel that you need to do that then that's exactly what you SHOULD do no matter what feelings get hurt in the process. it will hurt more later if you feel this way and DON'T do it... ya know? now then... looks as tho' you only have 2 choices... continue on as you are or break up with john. simple on paper... yes. simple to do... no. i'm here no matter what and if you need to talk or anything you've got my number. ((big hugs)) sending good vibes your way darlin'... good luck and remember... take care of YOU first and formost!
abittergirl - 2004-08-28 13:23:07
Better to be alone for the right reasons, than with someone for the wrong ones... sometimes when a relationship starts as a codependent one (because of addiction) or where there's a constant trauma, it is hard to continue the relationship when that dynamic changes. Does that make sense? Follow your heart. Get out now if that's what it's telling you. You're not doing him or yourself any favors by sticking around if you're not in love. All the things you want for the future can be put on hold until you find the person that you really want them with.



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