05.07.01 - 10:40 p.m.
on the road again

aw, man. i've been a diary slacker. i have no excuse.

so last weekend i hooked up with this guy john that i've known since high school. my feelings on this situation vary from day to day and also have much to do with how much alcohol i've consumed. don't get me wrong, i dig him...but maybe just not quite enough. ugh. tonight we were supposed to go to a movie, but he never called. the thing is that i have no shame in admitting that i really don't mind. sex is not important to me, but having a guy to hang out with and tell me all those things that a girl wants to hear has been pretty darn nice. he's so nice and we have a good time together, but something just isn't quite THERE...if you know what i mean. well, i guess this one will just have to be played by ear.

saturday night we had an afterbar party at our house. yowsers. put it this way...stephanie had some stuff stolen, there was a pile of puke in our yard, and a couch got lit on fire down the block in the middle of the road. hmmmm...i think it may be a little while before we do this again. it was a good time, but it got a little crazy. such is life.

dan's finally back. he's got a key to our house. how cute. it's good to hang out with him. the ripper is fucking home.

krazyfest 4 is gonna rock. i hope that i can make it again this year. the line up is so incredible. but louisville in july? hmmmm...i despise hot weather.

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