06.09.01 - 6:25 p.m.
good morning mr. ben

man, i've been neglecting my dear diaryland. a million apologies...

to say i've been preoccupied would be an understatement. if one were to to describe it in one word it would be 'john'. yes, i have fallen and fallen hard. he is wonderful to me and i to him. words can not describe how i've been feeling the past few weeks. so what if i love green day and he digs cavity? i mean, everything else is soooooooo there. (yes, i still like green day...i can't help it...oooohhhhh guilty pleasures) in fact, we just went out for dinner at la fuenta so i happen to be a little buzzed up on margaritas right now.

stephanie and dan are both out of town right now. yeeeeeeee fucking haw! dan is on tour right fact, they should be starting up the warped tour anytime now. i am so proud of him! steph is away at field camp for SIX WHOLE WEEKS! this makes me immensely happy. john and i have had the house to ourselves for a little over a week now, and it has been the best ever. we have an incredibly good time together...what can i say?

i am on this ben folds five kick right now because john isn't around. i don't think he'd dig this too much...but i'm singing and having a grand old time by myself...not giving a fuck.

why do i procrastinate things so fucking much? sheesh. writing in this thing was the best thing i had done for myself in quite awhile, and then i had to go and meet a stupid boy and fall for him and let him take up all my time! man. if i'm not at work, i'm with john or sleeping. or just plain old drunk. i am pretty useless when drunk.

i saw the faint last weekend. good shit. check them out.

this one is getting cut off right now. i feel like sleeping.

'come on baby now throw me a right to the chin just one sign that could show me that you give a shit but you just smile politely and i grow weaker and i said what you wanted to hear and what i wanted to say so i will take it back...'ben folds five

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