05.07.03 - 6:32 a.m.
i wanna cry

i don't want catie to move. she's so fucking rad. good girl friends are so difficult for another girl to find...there are so many reasons why. she came over after bar close and had a drink with me. she made me this cute little bag and a mix tape (yes, i still have a tape deck in my car)'s got so much good music on it, and i'm totally stoked. there are so few people around that actually do thoughtful things like that anymore. if i can ever figure out how to use my cd burner before she leaves i want to make her a 'milwaukee rocks' cd. local bands and stuff that reminds us of the things we've done together...that sort of thing. well, at least i have a place to travel to...a destination at last!

i've been wanting to travel for quite awhile. the last trip i went on was to las vegas 2 years ago. vacation is long overdue in my life, let me tell ya.

"my baby won't be back again, i feel so lost without her..." red house painters

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