05.13.03 - 4:57 a.m.
heavy vegetable?

tonight was catie's last night in town. we met at foundation for a drink, but she was so burned out from all the packing and cleaning she did today. not to mention the fact that she has to get up early to pack up the moving truck and get on the road tomorrow. man, this just really sucks. catie is the greatest girl...i know we'll still be friends and see eachother, but she won't be in milwaukee! grrrrrr...

at least i finally figured out my cd burner...not that it takes a genius to do so, but i had just never used one before. a mixed cd was necessary for her road trip though, so i got busy.

and yes, psycho freak has STILL been calling. he says he will get even with me no matter what it takes. jesus, even for what? what the fuck is wrong with this guy? there have been plenty of guys in my life that i had feelings for and didn't get them reciprocated, but that didn't mean i was going to get all fucking crazy on them! seriously, it's just human nature...either you like someone back or you don't. and i certainly DON'T. this doesn't mean that i should be threatened and harrassed for months and months. he says he's moving to california in september...not soon enough!!!! that's all i have to say. i am DEFINITELY looking into a restraining order tomorrow.

so i was reading an old journal of mine and got freaked out by one of the entries...

07.14.97 last night was the first time i wished there was an edge of the world to drive off of.

what the heck was going on? geez. that's all it said, and that's the only entry for awhile. creepy. and then there's all the bad poetry which i no longer attempt because, well, it's just straight up bad.

and heavy vegetable rules. yup, best band EVER.

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