03.01.04 - 1:19 a.m.
leap day is weird

the weather today was beautiful, but i felt like shit.

i woke up a half an hour before my 4pm work meeting. what a bum i am. but i get these bouts of insomnia that make me crazy. ugh.

after the meeting a few of us went over to riverhorse for a couple drinks and then back to foundation. by this point i was starting to get drunk having not eaten yet. so around 8 i came home and planned on eating and showering, but this damn headache i've had all day got the best of me. oh my god...i stayed home on my night off. somebody check in on hell cuz it surely must have frozen over. i feel crummy though because i had made plans with jason and tomi to go bowling, but i'm sure they did just fine without me.

and i didn't really get to talk to john today because he had to work at 6. i guess it's just as well though...we'll probably be spending a lot of time together the next few days so i'm sure we'll talk it out eventually. we're supposed to go to madison tomorrow to visit some friends...hopefully.

honestly, i don't think i've left this darn city since august when i stacy and i went to chicago for her birthday (and we saw sonic youth...that's too important to forget). i need a real vacation for sure. unfortunately, with the landmark being sold in april, i don't know if i'll have a job in 6 weeks. so i guess vacation plans are off for now. i even did some lurking around and found some awesome deals for vegas and new york the other day. oh well.

money sucks. i wish i had more.

and on that note, i think i might go to bed now...or try, at least.

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