06.08.04 - 3:02 p.m.
i live in a sauna

i am sweating bullets.

my house is a balmy 85 degrees, and the central air is not working. it's blowing air, but it's just not that cold. grrrrrr...

this is a slow painful death. no sleep was had in this house last night. i am crabby. crabby and sweaty and miserable.

i'm gonna kill someone.

i hate summer.

and i also hate tampa bay. what are they even doing with a hockey team? as far as i'm concerned, calgary won in game 6...

see, i am not a sports person at all, but i love me some hockey. basketball can suck my ass...bunch of glorified over-paid assholes if you ask me. baseball is the most boring thing on the about a slow painful death...9 innings of that shit could drive a person mad. and then there's football...sure, i'll follow the packers a bit. after all, i do live in wisconsin, but the packers just seem so humble and often lack the bad attitudes that so many other pro athletes have.

and they are also the only team that's actually owned by a city rather than some retired rich asshole who had nothing better to do with his money than to blow it on a fucking sports team.

i'm beginning to sound very un-nicki-like. no more sports.

so i finally got a myspace account. i've gotten like 50 invites from weirdos all across the world. on a better note though, i've gotten in touch with quite a few folks from my hometown. interesting stuff that myspace.

a smoking ban is being considered in milwaukee's workplaces. this would include bars. what? man, i'd be out of a job cuz EVERYONE IN MILWAUKEE SMOKES. what are these people thinking? if people are so darn worried about pollution and the air that we breathe, why don't they ban cars and factories and sewage dumping in lake fucking michigan? grrrr...

i'm sweaty and crabby. blah.

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