06.12.04 - 4:28 a.m.

woo! i'm kinda drunk right now. well, i little more than kinda, but who's counting?

i keep making spelling errors and going back to erase them. you can't bust me on that shit!

anyway, i actually took off work tonight and went out with nikki and her husband brian and her brother rob and johnny g. it was very cool. we went out for dinner and drinks and i just had some good ol' fun. i'm super glad that nikki and brian got out of the house cuz they've got 2 kids at they totally deserve it. i hope we can do it again some time soon.

but johnny g. and i had to head back to our part of town and ended up at the foundation. i slammed a couple of drinks and my landlord gave me a ride home. i hung out with him for a bit and started watching the new texas chainsaw massacre, but i couldn't hang so i came upstairs to my place.

i'm kinda drunk.

oh yeah, i said that already.

i think i'm ready for bed.

it would probably be better if i wrote about this night when i'm sober.

bed. and my kitty niknup. she's the cutest.

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