07.05.04 - 6:38 p.m.
fireworks are dumb

screw it. i'm not gonna buy a new car. i'm gonna save up $2000 to buy one of those massage chairs from sharper image. yup. i'll be the happiest, most relaxed person EVER.

anyway, i drove the 'stang out to grandma's house yesterday...80 mph the entire way. just under 2 hours...that's a record for me. it was good fun.

but then i actually got to grandma's house where i was greeted by my mother's dickhead husband and his 2 white trash teenage sons. grrrrrrr...why were THEY there? nobody likes them! ugh!

that pretty much put a damper on the rest of the day, but it was still nice to see the REAL family. all of my aunts and uncles were there except aunt terry and her husband keith, who are my favorites. oh well.

after having stuffed ourselves with the traditional wisconsin barbecue fare, my brother and i headed back to milwaukee around 8:30. sometimes i just can't handle being around so many people...especially relatives. it just gets i guess.

alert the press...i got up before noon today! i'm so proud of me! my brother, eva, and i went shopping at mayfair all day. man, i was actually at a mall and only wound up buying a bunch of candles. today was truly one for the record books.

but i did buy a shirt for my's got milton from office space on it and says "i believe you have my stapler". ok,'s from hot topic...but it's funny as hell.

ok. time to get my cat high. she's a junkie for catnip.

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