07.22.04 - 4:13 p.m.
paper plates

i had a strange dream this morning...but i can't remember it. all i remember is this phrase: "stolen paper plates make for quality paper hearts".


and that is fo' real, folks. i couldn't make that shit up.

anyway, i'm selling a cable modem on ebay that i bought over a year ago but never needed. looks like i'm gonna get about $60 for it. sweet! i paid $80...not a bad return.

so, rumor has it that some people from the kerry campaign are going to be meeting up at my bar tonight. i breathe a sigh of relief...the republicans had some party there a month or two ago. we were over-run by pleated khakis and button-down shirts...i shit you not. you could spot 'em a mile away. SO stereotypical.

hopefully, i can talk to someone about volunteering for the campaign. i was supposed to be doing work for the league of conservation voters, but their meetings are in the morning on saturday and sunday. most of the time i don't get home from work until 4 a.m. those mornings...ugh. but i did like the idea of working for an outside party, not necessarily john kerry supporters but people who actually had a message besides "george bush is a dipshit so vote for john kerry".

i just hope that this election is going to open people's eyes at the importance of voting. there are so many people my age that have never voted...i can't believe it. a coworker of mine told me last night that he has never voted but that this upcoming election and what's at stake has actually moved him to do so. i hope others follow.

here's a question...why can't convicted felons vote? i mean, felons that aren't in prison...i don't get that. just because you've been convicted of a crime and you're on probation or parole doesn't mean that you're not still a citizen of this country. if you really want these people to become "good, law-abiding" citizens, then why take away one of their basic rights as an american?

off to check my ebay auction (which should have ended a couple minutes ago) and then to work. work work work.

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