08.26.04 - 4:31 p.m.
random thursday shit

stepping in cold cat puke with bare feet is THE GROSSEST THING EVER. and why must cats insist on vomiting only on the rug where said vomit is neatly disguised? ugh.

in the past couple of weeks i have watched the 3rd season of dawson's creek and the first season of party of five on dvd. i'm a totaly sucker for this shit. i know it's horrible, but i can't stop myself.

for the past 24 hours i've been feeling like i'm coming down with something...i felt all feverish at work last night. sleeping for an uninterrupted 10 hours seems to have helped though. this was the first time in weeks that i've gotten to sleep before 5 am and didn't wake up once. lovely.

it's hot as hell outside today. i thank my lucky stars that my landlord was brilliant enough to install central air last year. i despise steamy weather.

my birthday is in 9 days. only 374 days until i turn 30. but i'm not the old lady around this kitty turned 16 this month. she is now eligible to drive.

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