09.01.04 - 4:42 p.m.
oh my achin' back

wow. i think i personally served about 500 drinks last night. that's a lot o' booze. the bar was so busy, and now my back is killing me from washing so many darn dishes. at least i've already got my october car payment...yay!

car payments...again. why did i do this?

well, school is officially back in session...not that i go or anything, but my income is largely based on the dumbass college kids who flood milwaukee come august and september. they like to spend their allowance from their parents on beer, and i'm not going to argue with that. so every year you get this whole new crew of 21 year olds that need to be schooled in bar's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

my birthday is on saturday. finally, my birthday falls on a weekend, but i don't really feel like doing anything special. at least i don't have to work. my mom got me a digital camera, and i can't wait to play with it.

john and i got into a big argument on sunday and haven't spoken since. i don't think i even care...what a bitch.

the director's cut of donnie darko is playing at the oriental. maybe i'll just hide out in a movie theater all day saturday.

i really need to take a shower.

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