02.21.04 - 5:09 a.m.
tater tots!

so i did a lot of shots while i was working tonight, got off work, drank more, came home and ate some tater tots. what else is new?

hmmmm...let's see. i haven't updated since MAY of LAST FUCKING YEAR! good lord.

yes, i have finally moved into the 20th...errrrr...21st century. i have the internet again! time to rock n' roll. or something else just as cliche and ridiculous.

well, it's 5 a.m. and i'm still awake and on the computer--so i guess not much has changed.

or has it?

nope. i'm still just as unexciting, predictable, and ridiculous.

at least i'm not drunk right now. an hour ago was a different story.

i just got this fantastic new order box set, and it's all i listen to. oh my god. it's so good. i consider myself totally fucking blessed to have been able to see them play. it was right before my 14th birthday in 1989. i am regressing...

so something happened to me tonight that has never happened before...someone fucked with the voicemail passcode for my cellphone. all these years of using various e-mail and voicemail accounts etc., and TONIGHT someone fucked with me. why do people have to do shit like that? karma is a bitch folks, remember that.

keeping it short tonight. contrary to past entries, it IS past my bedtime. honestly, i've been good lately.

but here's the deal...i'm back. for better or worse.

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