03.05.04 - 5:57 p.m.
it must be killing time

it's only friday, so i still have a couple of days to continue my week of bitching...

my back is killing me. seriously. it is stabbing me with hundreds of tiny daggers. i'm too young for this shit! i slept terribly because i kept waking up all contorted in pain.

ok. i've been sleeping on futons for the past 10 years. all that crap about futons being the best for your back is just that...crap. i need a real mattress.

i also need a chiropractor and regular massages, but who the hell can afford that? especially when you have no insurance and probably won't for years. over the years i've actually only had one employer that offered affordable insurance...there is something very wrong with that.

anyway, i suppose better shoes for work would help too. it seems as though all the shoes that are comfortable for being on your feet for long hours are the ugliest. it's ridiculous.

and speaking of ridiculous, i had this crazy dream this morning. my mom called me from her cell phone to tell me that she had been taken hostage in some foreign country. there was a war going on (heh, imagine that), and she was in peru or something. i could hear helicopters and other various noises in the background. so i got all upset and went to these people for help (i don't know who they were) and they told me i was stupid because my mom had been brought home years ago and everything was all good. what the heck?

and then i woke up today with this huge throbbing zit on the side of my head. i never get zits and this one truly sucks.

but i got this great echo and the bunnymen cd today. it's got that song "the killing moon" on it from donnie darko. it's fabulous. i forgot how much i liked them.

and speaking of moons...isn't it supposed to be a full moon tonight? i hate it when full moons are on fridays. this means i not only have to deal with the normal friday night bullshit of weekend warriors and college jocks, but i get the additional weirdness of the full moon. trust me. it's very real. throw some alcohol into the mix and everyone acts even more moronic than usual.

and did i mention i might be out of a job in 5 weeks?


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