09.06.04 - 9:27 p.m.
i got a camera

i'm 29 now.

big friggin' deal.

my birthday was ok. i didn't really do much, but i didn't really want to.

i consumed some alcohol though, and my shit-ass boyfriend made me drive him around. asshole. what kind of guy makes his girlfriend drive on HER birthday?

he just showed up at my house though...i was trying to avoid him, as usual.

oh well.

anyway, not much going on around here. i did make great money last rent and car payment for october are already covered. sweet.

hey...i got a new camera...

tomi and me on my birthday

my bro, justin, at dinner

stacy and me on an 18th floor balcony

just me

my angry kitty and me

i have resized these photos so many times and they keep showing up huge. i'm a rookie.

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